How to tell if a guy is serious about dating

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Being strong and knowing how to handle challenging situations doesn’t mean you have to act like a robot or not have feelings.

But it does mean that you are able to make the most out of difficult situations, and you don’t let those situations drag you down emotionally.

But, when it looks like you are trying way too hard to be noticed, it necessarily means that you are way too eager to impress those around you and to draw attention to you at any cost, whether it’s true or not, and that’s very unattractive.

Surely, anything that you do that would make it look like you belong in “Jersey Shore” show does not make you classy.

This doesn’t just apply to basics such as opening doors to women, putting your coat over her shoulders when it’s cold out, and having proper table manners.

This also applies to how you conduct yourself in difficult situations – i.e.

Street smarts are just as important, and surely school doesn’t always make you smarter or more confident or more interesting.

However, all things equal, a degree from a known school is likely to add to who you are.

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He can maintain an interesting conversation beyond the small talk and the pleasantries on many topics.

However, there are several specific characteristics that you have to have in order to be considered a classy man.

Some of these factors are more basic than others, but they are all important and make a man overall more attractive and desirable to quality single women.

when you are angry or are supposed to be angry, when you lose, when you confront someone, when you are tired and frustrated.

Ask yourself why Roger Federer is considered such an exceptionally classy guy.

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